I have always enjoyed creating works of art in several different mediums. First, watercolor - for the clear brilliant splashes and controlled spills of spontaneous color. These paintings strike a balance for me through a straight ahead simpler escape from clutter and complication. Strikingly simple to the observer, but infinitely challenging to the painter. Control and lucidity combined.

Secondly, acrylic painting offers a ready opportunity for works of a longer duration; reworking, layering, changing, make the piece of art a process - and possibly a means of expanding the moment. The directions and turns a piece will take during its involvement forms a journey, with the resulting work really a visual map.

Thirdly, collage has always been a rich source of fascination and fun; textures, layers, edges, papers and fabrics. Enjoyable works which can occupy an artist for weeks.

Much of the work displayed in this online gallery is in the collection of the artist or other purchasers. Commissioned work is always welcomed.

To contact the artist regarding a painting you may be interested in, or to arrange for a commissioned work please go to the contact page. Alternately, you are also welcome to leave a phone message on Brad Prevedoros’ business line: 1-888-539-5319 ( toll free - N. America ).

All art images shown are the property of the artist by copyright, for permission to use an image please contact the artist. Thank-you.

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