Janice Prevedoros

Janice’s younger years were shaped by drawing, and colorful artwork such as painting or textiles, collage, and early classes of outdoor sketching or classroom painting sessions at the age of 11 and 12.
Later, the artist attended the old Bank Street School of Art in Victoria, B.C. her hometown on the West Coast. The instructors at that time were Glenn Howarth, Jack Wise, Bill Porteous and others. Workshops were an additional source of art knowledge with Ken Hardy, Jim MacDonald of Galiano Island; Steven Sham of Victoria, (Chinese Brush Painting), and Catherine Landry (Victoria School of Art Therapy).
The natural world has always proven to be an important connection and a continuous source of ideas for artists. From the watery domain of whales to soaring flocks of birds turning overhead, these coastal images are often woven into Janice’s works of art.
Inspiration for artists may be based on many things; and an idea from the real world, when blended with a sub-conscious or dream image may produce a unique artwork brought to life by paint, papers, fabric and a sense of fun.
Welcome to the artist’s online galleries of original works and prints.

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